Mental Health and Work

Working whilst learning to cope with your Mental Health is hard. 

I don’t think enough credit is given to those who have found that balance between their work life and Mental Health. It’s inspiring. I also think those companies that are supportive of their employees should be an example to those that struggle to do just that.

My Dr signed me off yesterday but unfortunately work will not give me sick pay for the time I have off. Do I concentrate on my health or do I pay my bills and eat? 

I think work has contributed to my slip in Mental Health, before, work made me happy, gave me routine and made me feel valued. Now, I’m struggling. My colleague has resigned, I’ve sought help from a Bullying Advisor after a change in Management and my Mental Health is at an all time low.

After much thought, I think finding a new job is the change I need. But what kind of job? I plan events for a University, do I find a similar job or do I branch out? In an ideal world, I wouldn’t have any financial restraints, I would have time to look for a job rather than want to get away from the bullying before it brings me down any further and not have to worry about putting food on the table.

Change is ahead and it’s not going to be easy, but since when has life ever been easy? I’ve overcome much more than this, so I’ve got to believe I can do this too. It’s only me that can make the change, no one else. You spend the majority of your time in work – and if there’s no support there it can have a real impact on your health, so it’s time to get searching and to get applying!

I’ve got this, I’ve totally got this…I think!