Be Proud of the Little Things

At the end of the week, you’ll judge whether it was good week or not by how many bad things have happened right?

It was a rubbish week because: ‘I didn’t do the laundry, I didn’t go to work, I was late, I missed my deadline, I forgot to call my Mum’ etc.

We’re always so quick to judge ourselves, to put ourselves down but never so quick to give ourselves a little praise or recognition. It’s as if we are setting the tone for the weeks to come.

Personally, I like the sound of – ‘it was a good week because: I got up every day even when I really didn’t want to, I went to work even though it was hard, I paid my bills on time, I cooked dinner, I washed the pots even though I didn’t have the energy’…

I’m not saying it’s easy to change your mindset, to think differently – but I do think it’s worth a shot – what do you have to lose by trying?

Stop being so modest and give yourself some credit. 

I’ve used it in work before – I had a meeting with Management, they went on and on about how I was 10 minutes late 3 days in a row, fair enough, but, it set the tone for the meeting. Everything they said was negative until they asked me for my thoughts. I said, they were right, I shouldn’t have been 10 minutes late, but I was proud of myself for making it in each day when I was struggling. I told them that I’d actually achieved a lot that week, which I didn’t expect at the beginning of the week. I’d tried hard and won. Do you know what they told me? They said well done and keep up the good work! They stuttered at first, struggled to form a sentence, I mean what could they say back to that? No, you did wrong for trying so hard? I actually walked out of that meeting with a smile on my face, which was amazing considering how anxious I was going into the meeting!

Be proud of yourself, no matter how much you’ve done that week because what you have done is survive. You’ve got through another day when life was hard, when you’ve felt so low, you’ve fought and that shows real strength. Strength to be proud of.

So give it a go, think of some positives for this week – did you change the sheets? Iron? Go to the shops? Remember to eat lunch? Text a friend? No matter what it is, I bet it’s something that took effort and energy – so don’t think of the stuff you haven’t done, think of the stuff you have done because you just might be stronger than you think.

13 thoughts on “Be Proud of the Little Things

    • shushdonttalk says:

      It’s so hard being positive, I think we can be a little stuck in our ways of beings so harsh on ourselves too. See that’s great – you should see the pile of dishes I’ve got to do! Plus feeding yourself properly can be a massive task. I feed myself, I do that but it’s generally with rubbish, haha! So there you go, you’ve done some stuff to be proud of already this week!

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  1. Moon Flower says:

    I actually do this throughout the year. I keep a jar of my major accomplishments, anything I am proud of, or anything in life that has just made me happy. That way on New Year’s Eve when I go back and reflect on the year, it is easier to come up with some things that were super awesome.

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