I’m posting a page from a short guide which really struck a chord with me – it’s something I read when I need too, to help put those thoughts to the back of my mind.

That’s why I want to share it – maybe it will strike a chord with you too?

You might feel like there’s no way out, that this is the only option – but remember that’s how you feel now. I’ve learnt that those feelings don’t last forever. The future can bring smiles, fun and laughter.

I remember watching a stand-up comedian on DVD and really laughing my head off, then I realised how much I enjoyed being alive in that moment, to have my sides hurt from laughter, to not be able to catch my breath from giggling so much, to have happy tears running down my face. After feeling so low, it made me truly appreciate the joy I felt.

It’s true, it’s the little things that make life worthwhile, that make living worth it and those little things are more attainable than you think. 



    • shushdonttalk says:

      Thank you so much for posting this to your page, I’m glad it helped you too. Remain strong, this day will pass and you’ve come so far so be proud of that. You’ve got yourself up today and you’re blogging because you know it helps you – therefore you are helping yourself and you’re trying. You’ve not given up when life has got hard. That means you’re strong, really strong. Keep doing what you’re doing and things will improve 😊

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  1. masterystrength says:

    Really glad I read your post today. I think it’s easy to forget when the depression hits just how enjoyable life can be. I love that you mentioned laughing so hard, it reminded me that some time ago I used to be able to laugh like that too. And it makes me feel like I want to find out how I can do that again.

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    • shushdonttalk says:

      I’m so happy that you enjoyed the post. The fact that you want to find out how you can laugh like that again shows willpower and strength. Remain strong and give comedy films, series, stand up comedians a go – what do you have to lose? Try and find the things that used to make you laugh. That’s what I did, when I was low, I avoided those things because I didn’t find them as funny – but then I thought – so what, it’s worth a shot, even if I can get a tiny smile out of it, it’s better than I’m feeling right now. I went in with low expectations but proved myself wrong. Keep trying and keep me updated. Wishing you lots of luck 😊


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