Shush Don’t Talk…

Mental Health has always been a bit hush hush – but I’m going to try and change that by speaking out.

It’s currently 4.24am on a Monday Morning and I’ve still not had any shut-eye. I’ve got to get up for work soon and to be honest, I’ve lost my motivation.

I find it extremely hard to talk about myself without putting on a facade, a happy face – my ‘yeah I’m totally coping act‘ but that’s what it is – an act. But, why do we do this? Why must we all pretend we’re fine when we’re not.

I think there’s a few reasons: 1. I think we don’t want to bother anyone else with our issues. 2. We have no idea what to say – I mean where the hell do you start? 3. Fear of being judged – it’s as if we think any Mental Health issues we may be facing make us less of a person somehow. 4. Work/Job – I think there’s this idea that if we want to be successful in our career then we have to be able to cope with our everyday life brilliantly. This, for me, is my biggest struggle. I find it hard to find that balance everyone talks about. Lastly 5. Social Media – we live in a world where Social Media is rammed down our throats constantly and in a world where people don’t post the negatives, only the positives. Then you get caught in a vicious cycle of thinking ‘everyone’s coping and having fun, except me’ which probably isn’t the case. 

That’s why I’m starting a blog – as a person who is struggling with Depression and Anxiety, I want to find my voice and this feels like a safe, good route.

I want to find therapy in writing, in letting it out. I’m trying to make myself realise that not coping is OK and it is pretty common. I’m not coping and that’s OK…right?

If through this blog, I can reach one person, or find one person that shares the same feelings as me, then may be I can prove it to myself that I am not alone and it’s good to talk about it.

Mental Health can make you feel isolated, even if you’re surrounded by people – mainly because it’s just so hard to open up and talk. So I’m going to give this thing a go and change my ‘shush don’t talk about it’ mentality.

Wish me luck!


Yellow Panda

21 thoughts on “Shush Don’t Talk…

  1. hbhatnagar says:

    I know that one often doesn’t find a sympathetic ear to mental problems, neither in family nor among friends. Here, though you’ll find any number of people, all travelling in their lovely boats, but in the same river and along the same currents. Lash yours too anyone’s and you’ll find a flotilla of kind people. Hope you continue writing and sharing. There might be judgmental people too, but most will hear and understand your pain.

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  2. masterystrength says:

    I think it’s fantastic that you are writing a blog on this subject! We need more people speaking out and bringing up the issues of depression and mental illness. It truly does feel very hush-hush, and a blog seems like a good starting point to learn where your voice is. I hope you can Master the inner Strength to keep spreading the word and finding who you are. Sometimes simply being an example, a role model, is what it takes to inspire others to find their inner strength too 🙂

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    • shushdonttalk says:

      Wow what a lovely comment – thank you! I’ve just read your latest post and it’s very encouraging. Remain strong and keep on praising yourself. I think people tend to focus on the negatives of their week, forgetting about the positives, no matter how big or small. Getting up in the morning, having 7 hours sleep or realising what little improvements you can make to your life to make you feel better are all positives that should be noted. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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  3. masterystrength says:

    Thank you! I agree, it can be so easy to focus on the negatives, sometimes you need to step back and take a look at where you’re winning. We all have strengths we just have to find out what they are. I will keep on going, thank you for the support!

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  4. itsjustmejackie says:

    I feel like I’m reading something I wrote. I started my blog for the same reasons and I have found it helpful and many people have reached out to tell me how I’ve helped them, which is a great feeling. Keep fighting the good fight. We’re all in this together!

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  5. mindmasterjedi says:

    Reblogged this on MINDMASTERJEDI – ARE YOU AWAKE? and commented:
    It’s great what your doing! People who have psychological “difference” – I don’t accept the word disorder or disability applied but that is (another topic)

    It was good to see someone else promoting this “no more hiding, or being silenced” Whatever is going on in the mind, it is most definitely much worse to “hold, control, fear, hide” those thoughts in rather than just get them out.
    My way would probably be considered extreme and out there (crazy) lol – but, who cares , we are already thought as being “different” SO USUALLY YOUR FEAR IS HOW PEOPLE OBSERVE YOUR BEHAVIOR……….
    Ex. — I went through severe panic attacks / anxiety ect… over 10 years ago…. I REFUSED MEDICATION AS A SOLUTION. (personal choice)
    Well, after 6months of all this fear, agoraphobia, ER visits thinking I was having a heart attack —- u know the deal if you experienced it
    -I said “SCREW THIS” (was actually F this) lol … I wasn’t going to let this control my life and switched to attack mode from panic mode. Every time my panic attacks started I used those 2 words F* it- if i have a heart attack so what!— BUT OBVIOUSLY I KNEW IT WAS PSYCHOLOGICAL
    ****NOW TO YOUR TOPIC OF BEING MORE OPEN. THAT WAS A MAJOR PART OF IT FOR ME.! I would openly and easily let people know about it, usually by saying something like ” hey, by the way if I walk away or out of the room- don’t worry I probably was getting a panic attack so needed to bail , but ill come back usually. lol
    ex- office meetings in conference rooms and even interviews I would say hey hey save me a seat closet to door so I don’t panic feeling trapped
    I could go on on and on —– but you get the what saying. Not only did I eliminate my fear of judgement, I discovered and found more and more people openly discussing they had similar issues, and this approach allowed me to focus more on dealing with my thoughts without restriction of the concern what others thought…..


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